An Introduction to IQRA University

With the commitment to provide quality education to the youth of Pakistan, Iqra University established a distinctive new campus in the capital city, Islamabad. This purpose-built campus is spread over a lush green area of five acres in the heart of the educational sector, H-9, home to some of the most prestigious educational institutes in Islamabad.

Graduate, undergraduate and continuing education programs are offered in all disciplines including Technology Management, Computer Science, Business Administration, International Relations, Development Studies, Fashion Design and Textile Design. The programs in these disciplines are conducted under the supervision of a highly qualified, professional and motivated Faculty. The university curriculum is not only competitive but also comparable with academic practices globally.

Campus facilities include a well-stocked library, state of the art computing facilities, well equipped teaching labs, central air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual aids, an auditorium, a seminar room, sports facilities and a prayer hall.

A student's time at Iqra University Islamabad Campus is one of the most exciting and challenging periods in life. Individual attention is given to each student to develop and enhance their technical and analytical competencies. Students are also encouraged to participate in various extracurricular and academic activities to facilitate their personal and professional development.

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